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iTCCS Support

Statewide Support and Cooperative Approach

As your school management software needs evolve, iTCCS helps you through the difficult transition by providing you with an intelligent, logical plan for the future.

A statewide network of qualified consultants serves as the backbone of iTCCS support. Whether you have a technical question, require on-site support, or simply want to learn more about iTCCS products, help is just a phone call away. Users are informed about system changes through documentation such as training guides and online Help. Regional training is also available for the entire iTCCS product family.

Through regularly updated documentation, online Help topics, and training, users are informed about all changes to the system. At software release time, users are provided with documentation detailing all system changes. During the initial year of implementation, on-site support from qualified iTCCS staff is available.

iTCCS staff will stay with a problem until it is resolved. Non-critical problems are addressed in a timely manner, and staff will stay after hours to resolve critical district problems.

Support Resources

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