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iTCCS Historical

The iTCCS Historical system provides a way to maintain student and campus information from previous school years, including attendance, grades, basic demographic data, special program data, immunizations and related health data, test scores, yearly GPA and credits, and more.

You can also transfer a student from historical to the current year, and provide electronic transfer of transcripts from high schools to colleges and universities.


  • Produce Academic Achievement Record (AAR) reports
  • Perform an annual merge of current year data to historical
  • Store electronic documents
  • Search for students by name in a historical directory
  • Manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requests
  • Maintain historical campus, course, grade averaging, and grade point tables
  • Maintain historical student demographic, grades, test scores, special programs, health screening, and class rank data
  • Restrict personal information
  • Maintain historical student GPA calculator
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Historical cumulative grades records
  • Historical grade averaging for transfer students
  • Historical grade averaging - computation and ranking
  • Historical grade averaging - rank current year
  • Historical grade averaging - rerank historical class
  • Historical grade averaging - total credits computation
  • Historical grade data mass fix program
  • Merge current year special programs to historical
  • Merge current year to historical
  • Merge night and summer school to historical
  • Update proposed date of graduation
  • And many more...

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