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iTCCS Discipline

iTCCS Discipline allows you to maintain information on student behavior infractions and the actions taken by campus staff and administrators in response to infractions, including incidents involving multiple students. Inquiry tools also enable you to check prior offenses.


  • Create district-defined offense and action tables
  • Maintenance and inquire on discipline records
  • Allow teachers to enter discipline records from the teacher portal, txGradebook
  • Allow parents to view discipline records in the parent portal, txConnect
  • Store electronic documents
  • Maintain student restraint records
  • Maintain victim information
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Action code report by ethnicity
  • Action code report by grade level
  • Detail reports
  • Letters to parents
  • Mass deletion of records
  • Offense code report by ethnicity
  • Offense code report by grade level
  • Percentage calculation and reports
  • Student discipline action reason/Safe Schools audit report
  • Summary report by teacher
  • Suspension letters
  • And many more...

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