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iTCCS Position Management

iTCCS Position Management, which a sub-system of the iTCCS Human Resources application, provides comprehensive tools for maintaining accountability of positions within the school district, as well as integrating this information with the iTCCS Payroll and Budget applications. You can easily track all positions within the district, including proposed, filled, and vacant positions. The history of each position and each employee is retained.

The Position Management application allows you to establish position criteria and aids in searches for filling vacancies, preparing advertising, and comparing data. Districts can track and control units, perform budget simulations and forecasting, and calculate vacancies for budget purposes. The forecasting information, which calculates salary and all associated fringe benefits for filled and vacant positions, can be interfaced directly with the Budget application.

The application also allows you to easily perform common functions such as transferring an employee from one position to another, processing a new hire, separating an employee from the district, and processing change-in-compensation transactions that automatically feed into the Payroll application.


  • Maintain position records
  • Maintain positions by percent of day and percent of year
  • Maintain forecast records
  • Calculate annual, daily/hourly, and midpoint salaries
  • Perform budget simulations
  • Inquire at the campus level
  • Maintain change-in-compensation position records
  • Interface with Payroll, TRS, unemployment, and employer contribution options
  • Maintain non-compensatory records
  • Inquire about payroll rejections
  • Maintain separation from employment records
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Account Code Compare Position vs Payroll
  • Budget Comparison Report
  • Change-in-Position Transaction Report
  • Create Forecast Records
  • List Change-in-Position Transactions
  • Listing of Positions by Position Description
  • Midpoint Salaries Exception Report
  • Pay Distributions Totals by Campus
  • Personnel to Payroll CIP Rejections
  • Position Exception Report
  • Position Listing by Campus
  • Position Status by Campus
  • Positions Exceeding Authorization
  • Positions Tied to Supplementals
  • Previous Positions Held by Employee
  • Salaries Based on Position
  • Update/Add Budget Records
  • Update Payroll Records
  • Update Position and Distribution Records
  • And many more...

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