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iTCCS Human Resources & ACA

iTCCS Human Resources provides tools for establishing and accurately maintaining staff records, including basic demographic data, employment requirements, insurance eligibility per the Affordable Care Act (ACA), assigned responsibilities, insurance offers and acceptance/rejection, insurance coverage, permit and certification status, contract details, educational history, and much more. The district establishes codes which are used throughout the application and facilitate quick, accurate data entry.

The application is fully compliant with all PEIMS reporting requirements.


  • Create, archive, and print Teacher Service Records
  • Create and maintain a next year data without affecting the current year
  • Track actual hours worked and ACA eligibility
  • Track insurance coverage offers, and the employee's acceptance or rejection
  • Link teacher/paraprofessional credentials with courses taught, and calculate the Highly Qualified status for each course
  • Produce service records for all employees
  • Create responsibility and permit records for PEIMS reporting
  • Track all necessary credentials, including NCLB requirements
  • Track insurance company, plan, and dependent coverage information
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Criminal History Tape
  • Delete Applicants
  • Employee Reports
  • Highly Qualified Personnel Reports
  • Increment Local Experience
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Permit Data
  • Personnel Directory List
  • Responsibility Data/Change
  • Service Record Labels
  • Staff Sheets
  • Substitute Authorization Notices
  • And many more...

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