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iTCCS Asset Management

iTCCS Asset Management allows accurate accounting of the district's inventory items, including land, buildings, furniture, and equipment. You can assign responsibility for the custody and use of these items and hold organizations, divisions, and individuals accountable for their items.

You can easily locate current information on the quantity, location, age, life expectancy, and depreciation, based on Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASP) 34 requirements for the assets. Data can be updated through online processes or through bar code scanning.

All data mandates as specified in the Financial Accountability Resource (FAR) Guide are tracked, as well as fields that are used by the district.


  • Maintain a catalog and item numbering system
  • Check in and check out inventory items
  • Inquire by serial number, PO, and room number
  • Sell and disposal of property
  • Depreciate of capital assets
  • Delete items by status function
  • Perform the end-of-year rollover
  • Generate audit listings
  • Generate a master file status report
  • Track manufacturer information
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Audit Transaction Listings
  • Auditor Analysis
  • Book Audit Listing
  • Changes Journal/Master File Update
  • Comprehensive Capital Depreciation Report
  • Depreciation Distribution
  • Depreciation Distribution Fund Rollover
  • Depreciation Schedule
  • File Status Report
  • Inventory Mass Update
  • Transaction Mass Update
  • And many more...

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