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Volume 2 | Issue 2 | Winter 2016/7

Message from Lynn Heatherly

iTCCS Programming Services Director

Image of Lynn Heatherly, iTCCS Programming Services Director

As we come around to the holiday season, we at iTCCS want to let our clients know how thankful we are for all of you. Your contagious energy and enthusiasm makes working with you a real joy. Creating a software solution that helps you be the best you can be? The cherry on top. We are so proud of the accomplishments of the school districts that we serve, be it Blue Ribbon School awards, superior FIRST ratings, or Met Standard for accountability ratings. We applaud your accomplishments and general excellence. Every campus and district has unique challenges and we are proud to be flexible enough to meet all of those needs.

The iTCCS Managers met in October of this year to plan the development, support and direction of the product as part of our continuous performance excellence process. One of the most exciting things to come out of this meeting is the creation of a statewide User Conference! This User Conference will be hosted at ESC-20 on November 6-7, 2017. I hope as many of our clients that can will plan to attend this two-day iTCCS extravaganza! Budget now - and keep watching social media for more information on conference activities and other details. You don’t want to miss this! The User Conference is on a Monday and Tuesday, so you can come early and spend the weekend on the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk and take in some of the many attractions that make this city so popular as a vacation destination.

While many of you are already getting into holiday mode, and planning what to do with that fabulous winter break, we are working on software enhancements such as the Dashboard of Approvals. Imagine having all the purchase orders, travel reimbursement requests, and budget change requests that are awaiting your attention all gathered in one easy-to-access place! This is going to be a real time-saver for our iTCCS users who are regularly approving the various processes that keep a school district or service center running. Another enhancement coming to you very soon is a Custom Report covering the Student Snapshot data. All the student data you could ever want, right at your fingertips to be selected, sorted, filtered, and exported with ease. We are all about streamlining your processes.

Conference season is upon the Texas Computer Cooperative as well. We will have our booth set up and look forward to talking to you at TASA Mid-Winter, TASBO, and TCEA! Pop over to say hello and get some iTCCS goodies. We always enjoy meeting you face-to-face. It is a joy to get to hear your input and answer your questions – and you may just learn about an unfamiliar feature or two.

Enjoy a much-deserved rest during your winter break knowing that iTCCS will keep working for you while you are spending time with family and friends. And don’t forget to head over and like us on Facebook. We love to hear from you on social media!

See What People Are Saying about iTCCS

"I love iTCCS! The Student application is robust, easy to use, easy to navigate and allows for a certain amount of customization that makes our day to day jobs easier when it comes to working with student data. We are excited about the ongoing improvements that are constantly being added such as the new customized reports and we look forward to the addition the snapshot customized reports. One of the most important things I have to say about iTCCS is how much we appreciate the consulting team we work with. There is no area where they aren’t willing to help. The team always provides support above and beyond and when it comes to helping keep up with State mandates you can’t put a dollar amount on the value of the service they provide."

-Sally Andruzzi, Director, PEIMS & Student Information Systems, Emma Frey Service Center


My Menu: Do you use the same pages in iTCCS over and over again? Did you know that you can create shortcuts for them so that they're all listed under My Menu? No need to go hunting for them every time. iTCCS is a powerful tool that covers a whole lot of different things. But we always have you in mind, so check out My Menu and save time. Give us a call if you ever have any questions about how things work. Your workflow, My Menu, iTCCS.

Customer support: We at the Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) make customer support a priority. We've got every corner of the state covered, from Amarillo to Brownsville and El Paso to Beaumont. We're even available online (obviously…)!

Great start: School was off to a great start with iTCCS. It was smooth sailing thanks, in large part, to all the fantastic upgrades this past summer; think new iTCCS server, upgraded web environment, increased memory on txGradebook servers, new servers for txConnect and enhanced capacity for the transactional document server (phew -- that's quite the list). Anyway, things are always at their best when you DON'T notice anything. And that's what we aim for. iTCCS: smooth sailing.

Security: Every year iTCCS is part of a voluntary ESC-20 center-wide SOC 2 (Service Organization Controls) certification. This third-party security audit created by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) measures an organization's ability to control its information, an obviously very important part of a Business and Student Information System like iTCCS. You'll be glad to know that we passed. Again. If it's important to you -- and security always is -- it's important to us.


Dashboard of Approvals is almost here! If you have BCR, Requisitions or Travel Reimbursement approvals waiting for your input, they'll appear right on the home screen. See what you need to do right away. And, get this, there's even more to come. iTCCS wants to make sure you have the tools you need to be the best at what you do.

It's not the most glamorous topic, but it's one that we'd be at a loss without. Warehouse. Most of us probably don't think about that warehouse all that much, but without it, we wouldn't get the things we need. And with iTCCS, that building chock-full of things, becomes a tightly integrated, organized machine. The Warehouse application allows you to find inventory; it's got PO and Requisition interfaces; it allows you to fill back orders. So maybe it's not glamorous, but it's a workhorse.

You now have the flexibility of journal vouchers on your side. Not only do you have an approval path, which allows more people to enter journal vouchers, you also enter information for Actual, Budget and Encumbrance on one screen. Once it's approved, General Journal transactions are created, and the General Ledger and Daily totals are updated automatically. All nice and neat and in one place.

Way to goTEA released their final 2015-16 financial accountability ratings. Guess what? Every single iTCCS Business System client got a rating of Superior (A). Yup. Every. One. Congratulations to all of you! We know you're proud.
It's coming! The iTCCS User Conference is only a year away. Plenty of time to plan your trip to San Antonio for the first of-its-kind meeting. We want to hear from you! iTCCS is building a brighter future for schools in Texas every day.


iTCCS makes it easy for you to get precoded tests for students. And since testing is just around the corner that's got to be good to know. It's a pretty simple process. You code your students for the tests they'll be taking. That information is sent off to the testing companies who then send back the proper tests for each student. It's a snap and saves you a bunch of time.

As you may know, House Bill 2610, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, made changes to Texas Education Code §25.081 requiring a minimum number of minutes of instruction (75,600) instead of days (180) per year. Not to worry, though, because iTCCS is working hard on the Attendance calendar. You'll have it in your hands soon. Remember that with iTCCS, you're always in compliance with federal and state mandates.

iTCCS and txGradebook offer a variety of grading possibilities to accommodate multiple grading philosophies. There is, of course, the traditional method of grading available, but also skills-referenced and skills-based (for kindergarten) grading available. We know that you have unique needs, just like you have unique students. ITCCS is here to make sure you get what you need.


Did you know that txConnect has statistics? When you log in as an administrator, you can review things like how many students have accounts with txConnect, the total number of users district-wide, or even the number of active users since a date that you specify. If you have district access, you can drill down to specific campuses to see which ones are doing a good job getting parents and students signed up for accounts. Engagement is a measure of success. iTCCS leads the way.

You can also see statistics for forms. Once you're logged in as an administrator, you can find information about the number of students who have current-year acceptance records, how many have registration information that hasn't changed or how many have pending changes. You can even look up information about a specific student from this page. Knowledge is power. iTCCS is empowerment.

50 years – Education Service Centers in Texas

The Education Service Center system turns 50 this year. To celebrate, ESC-20 has some fun things lined up throughout the year. What we feel most strongly about, of course, is the "Thank a Client Day." We know that iTCCS couldn’t do it without you. And so, well, we want to say thank you to all our wonderful clients. You drive our success.

And here's the ever popular Crazy Hat Day. It just goes to show you that iTCCS knows what they’re doing, as usual!

Bring in the Best

CareerPortal, Texas Computer Cooperative's latest addition, is an online job recruitment and applicant management application. Flexible, powerful, a breeze to administer, simple to navigate and a delight to use, both as a business and as an applicant, CareerPortal is fast becoming one of Texas's favorite job recruitment tool. For more information, contact your local Education Service Center or visit us online

Maria Bell

Meet the TCC

Maria Bell

Business Coordinator


Q. How long have you worked at the TCC?

A. 13 years and almost 2 months.

Q. What were one or two of your favorite projects?

A. Two of my favorite project were: (1) years ago I worked with a district on redesigning the Purchase Order and (2) I’ve always had fun converting and training new districts to iTCCS.

Q. What’s something you enjoy doing when you get home from work or on the weekends?

A. Well, after helping with homework, driving to the kid’s soccer practice and games, and taking care of the house and dogs, there isn’t much time but reading has always been relaxing for me.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I have 3 dogs under the age of 5 and all hyper: Dixie (Australian Shepherd), Daisy (Labrador Retriever) and Buddy (Rat Terrier).

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Published: December 9, 2016

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