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iTCCS Cafeteria

iTCCS Cafeteria provides automated tools for maintaining cafeteria inventory, ordering items to be shipped from a central warehouse to a campus, printing shipping orders and route recaps, and producing state and local reports. The application is designed to assist staff in controlling costs, inventory, and shipping.

The Cafeteria application uses your inventory system to account for the addition, movement, and use of inventory items. You can also maintain TEA rates for cash sales and reimbursements. Users are prompted to enter the exact data required, and all necessary calculations occur automatically to reflect changes in inventory levels, order quantities, and prices, which helps eliminate errors of manual calculations. All of this data is available in reports which are designed to accurately reflect the status of your inventory.

The application tracks inventory costs and items on-hand at all times. You can easily print shipping orders, operating statements, and cost-per-meal reports, and many others. Tools are also available to allow you to interface the costs of certain types of inventory and establish accounts to be charged for specific campuses. You can also establish a district-wide account to be used to offset the charges.

Data can be uploaded from an external point-of-sale PC file directly into the Cafeteria application, and this data also interfaces with the general ledger as cash receipt transactions.


  • Maintain inventory
  • Adjust quantity on hand
  • Receive items
  • Determine end-of-month inventory
  • Enter damaged items, warehouse sales, labor costs, and meal costs
  • Generate regular and "hot" shipping orders
  • Return items from a campus to the vendor or to the warehouse
  • Determine excessive requests, based on average daily participation at a campus
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Average Daily Participation Report
  • Cafeteria Audit Report
  • Cafeteria Operating Statement
  • End-of-Month School Inventory List
  • Items shipped to school report
  • Labor Costs Extract
  • List of Items Below Minimum Balance
  • New Year Initialization
  • Post Current/Future Undelivered Quantities
  • Recap by School of Amount and Number of Items Shipped
  • Reimbursement and Cash Sales Report
  • And many more...

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